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I'm sure you are asking yourself why should you invest in the Single Cigarette Vending Machine also referred to as a Loose Draw Vending Machine in South Africa? I'm not going to do a “hard sale” on you with inflated promises. Let me rather tell you why I invented this Single Cigarette Vending Machine 12 years ago and what it has done for me and the hundreds of customers that has invested in the Single Cigarette Vending Machine

Vending machines has been around for a very long time and in countries like Japan you can buy almost anything from a vending machine. What I love most about vending machines is that they work while you are busy doing something else. This is probably the most important benefit of vending machines. 

When evaluating any business you should consider:


  • Is this business expandable? 
  • Will this business be able to operate without me being present 100% of the time?

If your answer is NO to the above two questions, then you are just getting yourself another JOB and I'm sure you know that J-O-B is an acronym for “just over broke”. The problem with a job is that you only have 8 to 12 hours per day and your income is limited to what money you can generate in that time. With the vending machines, I realise that I could expand as much as I wanted to, by just adding more and more machines to my network. Vending machines are able to operate without you 24/7 and 365 days a year. They do not ask for holidays, sick leave, pay raises or any other headache associated with having staff as in a traditional business!!

I have had several companies employing many staff and I'm telling you that it is a nightmare managing employees. Yes, there is great people out there, but from my experience for every great staff member there is 99 bad ones. The sifting process cost a lot of money and with today's labour laws it is almost impossible to get rid of a bad apple. So the good news is that with the loose draw vending machine you can easily manage up to 100  x vending machines on your own before you have to consider getting help. Even then you can easily ask a family member to help you on a part-time basis.

Now that you understand some of the benefits of vending machines it is important to consider the topic of vandalism. Unfortunately there is always criminals out there looking for way to steal from you and your vending machine. In the first six years we had to adapt our design several times to prevent these attempts to “hack” or break into the Single Cigarette Dispenser. Since year six and design number eight we have not had any break-ins into our vending machines and none of our customers has since complained about any “weaknesses” in our Single Cigarette Dispenser. 

Some of the design changes we have  made include:

  • bullet-proof glass
  • pic proof locks
  • making the whole outside casing of their Single Cigarette Vending Machine from one piece of sheet metal eliminating any seams where a vandal can pry a tool into.
  • more effective dispensing mechanism.
  • safety features in the coin mechanism to prevent damage to the coin mechanism by force.

  Other Machine Specifications

  • Dispenses single cigarettes
  • Manufactured in South Africa
  • Holds 400 cigarettes
  • Product window
  • Built-in humidifier for product freshness
  • Totally mechanical
  • Two coin mechanism
  • Up-gradable to any coins
  • Secure wall mounted unit

Next, let’s discuss why I selected loose cigarettes as an product to vend?

When I did my initial research I found a statistic that showed that more than 40% of all people are smokers. I saw this as a great opportunity for a product to vend but I did not have the money to invest in those fancy electronic vending machines that's sold packets of cigarettes. I also noticed that the profit margins on packet of cigarettes was very low

One day while at work I noticed that during lunchtime one of the youngsters was obliged to share his packet of cigarettes with his colleagues. In the following days I noticed that he only bought one cigarette with him to the lunch room. At the local cafeteria I also noticed that the vendor was selling several loose cigarettes during lunchtime. This got me thinking that there might be an opportunity here. I then when searching for a supplier of Single Cigarette Dispenser but was unable to find such a machine. I then decided to design my own loose draw vending machine and that is where the story of AfricaVend started.

In the last 12 years since I started selling loose cigarettes, many new laws has been implemented to deter people from smoking. I must admit, initially I was very worried that my single cigarette sales would decline year after year, but in fact I have noticed the opposite, with more and more people buying loose cigarettes!!

I have noticed that people buy loose cigarettes for various reasons. One day while refilling one of my machines at a petrol station a woman that arrived in a BMW cabriolet. She was also very well dressed. She purchase three loose cigarettes from my Single Cigarette Vending Machines. I was quite intrigued by this and asked her why she didn't buy a packet? She replied that her husband does not allow her to smoke at home and therefore she buys three cigarettes every morning. One cigarette for morning, lunch and end of the day. I then asked why she didn't keep a packet of cigarettes at work? She replied that she has tried this several times but that she ended up smoking the whole packet in one day. Therefore this system works best for her.

Then you also get the occasional smoker or social smoker who will enjoy an cigarette when out with his or her friends at a club or pub. There is also the lower income group who cannot afford to purchase a packet of cigarettes and therefore buys loose cigarettes. So you can see that there are various reasons why single cigarettes are a very popular product to place in a vending machine.

Now let's talk about the most important reason I, and so many of my customers decided to invest in a Single Cigarette Vending Machine? - ROI or “Return On Investment”

With any business this is one of the most important considerations! The logic being that the faster you get your initial cash investment back the sooner you can start making profits. I once bought a soda and snack vending machine that except coins and notes and even sent me a daily sales report via my cellphone. This was really a great vending machine but what I realise after the first month of doing the numbers was that it would take me over 36 months to get my initial investment back before I even showed one cent profit!! This is provided I have no serious breakages or sabotage during this period. Due to the high cost of this one machine I had also invested all my money in one location which had a limited number of people passing my vending machine in any given day. So shortly after I realised my mistake I sold this machine and invested in 10 x Single Cigarette Vending Machines. The ROI on my Single Cigarette Vending Machines was as low as two months at some sites and I had 10 times the traffic(10 sites) and much lower financial (investment) risk at each site. 

On this point, I would also like to come back to a comment I made earlier on about selling packets of cigarettes……the margins on selling packets of cigarettes is as low as 2 - 5% !!! When selling single cigarettes I am making 100-150% profit !! This is a HUGE difference and is this main reason the ROI on the Single Cigarette Vending Machine is so quick.

Once during a business seminar the speaker pointed out that when a person goes to a shop to buy a drilling machine his goal is to have a hole in something….not to own a drilling machine. So I assume that you are here to make money!! The Single Cigarette Vending Machines is one of the best ways I have found in 20 years!!……but “the proof is in the pudding” as they say…LOL

This is what one of my customers has to say after using our Loose Draw Vending Machine for eight years:

Another question that I often get is …..“Is it legal?” and the short answer is, Yes, it is 100% legal in South Africa and most neighbouring countries. Now I can give you a long complex answer as given by my attorneys that studies each new tobacco law as it is issued but the simple answer is as long as retail outlets are selling loose cigars and snuff, it will be legal to sell single cigarettes via our Single Cigarette Dispenser. It is however illegal to sell cigarettes over-the-counter by hand.For other countries you will have to do your own investigation but keep the above points in mind. 

I understand that you may be worried as to How to find profitable sites and where you should place your newly bought Single Cigarette Vending Machine? So to help you with this I have put together a report based on my experience over the last 12 years on how to find the best sites for placing your Single Cigarette Vending Machine. This experience was gathered via many trials and errors and will save you a lot of time and money. As you can imagine this information is priceless but as a special extra I will included it free when you invest in a Single Cigarette Vending Machine from AfricaVend today for only R8500 +VAT (SA Only).

Another question I am asked frequently is How to negotiate terms with the site owner where you place your Single Cigarette Vending Machine? The terms you negotiate has a high impact on your ROI. Therefore the better the terms, the faster the ROI. In my report I will show you how you can negotiate terms where you can pay the owner of the site either very little or nothing at all and still have him very happy to have your Single Cigarette Vending Machine on-site. This information can change your business from a good business to GREAT Business and I am going to include it free of charge today when you invest in a Single Cigarette Vending Machine for only R8500 +VAT (SA Only).

It is also very important to protect yourself and your Single Cigarette Vending Machine when placing it at a third party. In the beginning I placed machines on a handshake but one day when I arrive to refill one of my vending machines I found that the company went bankrupt. My Single Cigarette Vending Machine was locked inside and I had no proof that it was my property. After this painful experience I never place another Single Cigarette Vending Machine without a legal agreement between myself/my company and the company where the machine was installed. 

As an extra bonus I will include a template of the legal agreement I use when placing a Single Cigarette Vending Machine. This agreement is worth at least half of the cost of the Single Cigarette Vending Machine but I will include it free of charge if you invest in a Single Cigarette Vending Machine today at only R8500 +VAT (SA Only).

The installation of this wall mounted Single Cigarette Vending Machine is very easy. To assist you with this simple installation I have compiled as short video that will show you step-by-step how to install the wall mounted Single Cigarette Vending Machine in just a few minutes.

Video of installation

Thinking BIG ?? Now you can purchase only one Single Cigarette Vending Machine to just supplement your income or you can buy 10 or more machines and started a small business that can produce a steady income while you do something else. You will still have to refill the Single Cigarette Vending Machines but you should have a lot more free time to spend on your hobbies, children or whatever else you like to do. To give you some idea of the potential income please see the table below. This is only an indication of what can be achieved and is by no means guarantee of earning potential. It is like anything in life that “what you put in is what you get out”.

Table of potential income

Month 1

Month 2

Month 3

Month 4

Month 5

Number of Machines






Cigarette Cost






Selling Price






Cigarettes sold per machine per day






Profit Margin






Profit Per Month

R28 600

R57 200

R85 800

R114 400

R143 000



Now the Internet is full of scans and frauds and I want you feel safe in doing this transaction with me and my company, AfricaVend. I am so confident that you will be more than happy with your purchase from AfricaVend, that I will include a NO QUESTIONS ASKED 90-DAY REFUND. This means that you will get a full refund of the purchase price of the machine/s within 90 days of your purchase when you return the machine/s in the same condition as you received it. Unfortunately the courier or postage cost is not refundable. 

So let me summarise the great deal that you get when you invest in a  Single Cigarette Vending Machine today:

A vending machine that is able to sell single cigarettes and has proven itself over the last 12 years as a reliable vending machine

A vending machine with one of the shortest ROI that I am aware of.

You get a FREE report on How to find the best sites for your Single Cigarette Vending Machine.

I will teach you in this FREE report on How to negotiate with the site owner to pay a small or no commission for having your machine on their site.

You get FREE sample Legal Agreement that will protect you and your asset while your machine is installed at the third-party site.

And finally you get a 90-day no questions asked return guarantee


Your success is our success.